Looking at life through luck

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This site is not about luck itself it is about understanding luck and then going onto to understand life in a deeper connected, a clearer connected way. Not fully understanding luck is clouding your thinking and going on a journey to understand it fully is the best journey you can undertake to open you mind and allow you to steer life rather than being in the back seat of life. People love easy fixes and quick results and human tendencies like these are used everywhere in life to manipulate and control, how cruel. Then again we trap ourselves in our own thoughts and in our own thinking and it is time to break free and get to the point itself. What is that? well life is complex and needs a good understanding of connected thoughts, weightings of factors between the past, present and the future and implied factors across everything known or not known, then this point will reveal itself. The power of this and the secret of that, we will touch on those things and rip them apart and tick what is real and cross off what is just playing with your mind and then we will inject real solid thoughts and clarify everything right here, that is if you decide to read the entirety of this text. This will help you expand your thinking and decision making and it will allow you to see clearly about what is and what isn't. This website is named, seriousluck.com, because.. just landing on this website has been serious luck in itself or has it? First lets discuss luck. If you read this when you have time you will not be disappointed by the change inside of you... We are not selling a service or asking for anything in return, we are just trying our best with this introduction to get you interested to open your mind right now, because we want to share what we know with you. Let's begin..

Every action in life gives a result. A path of results which happen in succession of one another gives a result, an end result. Carrying out any specific set of actions results in virtual certainty of having a certain result. The laws of physics or the rules of what we know about life are behind it all and they are consistent and precise, life just so effortlessly gives a measurable and predictable outcome, every single time. With such precision in the universe, with mathematics behind everything how can so much go wrong when we try to do something or how can so much 'good luck' suddenly happen to someone or to ourselves. Why do our lives seem so uncertain at times and so predictable at other times. How much control do we really have? To look at how humans think and how our world interacts with us its interesting to start with really looking at what is luck. It may seem like an odd starting point but it is the answer behind so much. We use the word luck, simply, carelessly, to enforce a point, to explain the outcome, to make an excuse and so on. We think we know what it is but we rarely look closely at it. Welcome to seriousluck.com a journey into life. Seriously :)

If everything is behaving based on the laws of physics, with events triggering events in quick succession to give us a snapshot of life then how does luck have a place in our minds and does it even have a place in science? There are a vast amount of factors and variables in even the simplest of things we do. Some of the variables are difficult for us to control and some unseen factors or unknown factors and also all the uncontrollable factors and that is if we didn't skew that moment in time to be like this through previous past mistakes, lets just say for now, these are the factors that we call luck. That is if they were really unseen and uncontrollable and the chance of them being like this based on our past decisions is also a factor bear in mind, those things are luck and can be quantified by ourselves and others as good luck or bad luck. Put simply, luck is the bit you can't control but its often so misunderstood, even from those who think of luck in this way. If you take the action of slipping in the road, it may have been avoidable, especially if you try your best to move from point A to point B in a careful manner, which is completely opening yourself up to some other events less favourable most probably. Anyway, if you are doing this and thus do actually manage to neutralise 'bad luck' for a specific situation, then it can be avoidable. So is luck controllable? Absolutely not, in this example luck didn't actually disappear, all that happened was we forced a single outcome. If we take a more plausible event which would result in a single outcome such as throwing a ball inside a big room, this has a 100% chance of the ball coming back down or at least exceptionally close to 100%. If your chance of success is similar to the chance of this ball coming back down, or just forcing a single outcome on some event, then where did luck go? Luck didn't go anywhere, that is because luck needs variance to operate, so it was never there. Variance is the spread of data across possible outcomes, well it measures how far a set of numbers is from the mean. In this case there are only two possible outcomes, the first is the ball coming down and the second is the ball not coming down. Gravity completes the rest and forces one outcome and this leaves no other possibility and therefore no variance and therefore no luck can occur. Luck operates everywhere but it doesn't operate on every single strand of detail. Atomically luck isn't there unless maybe just maybe if you look right down into quantum mechanics and that's and going off point right now.

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